According to Statistics South Africa 2020, the country's population was estimated at 59.6 million and recorded 1.2 million live births the same year. About 1% of children that were born in 2020 had Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), which means that 12 388 new cases were recorded.

Data also indicates that 10–20% of children who don't receive surgery will not survive and that 1–2 children with Congenital Heart Disease die each week. There are about 180 000 patients in the country and due to lack of access to care, only 21%–34.4% of them had undergone previous surgical intervention. The picture is gloomy for these patients as more and more patients with Congenital Heart Disease are waiting for surgery.


Pelo Foundation with the assistance of other stakeholders aims to raise funds to cover the medical costs for these treatments, which may range from a simple Diagnostic Angiogram to Interventional Procedures or even Cardiac Surgery.